Last night (2nd December 2016) Wadebridge Farmers Club enjoyed their annual Dinner Dance and Prize Presentations.

Kew Devons had an unprecedented successful evening, winning the Best Managed Farm (small class) cup, Best Livestock (small class) cup, and Hay Competition cup.  Other placings were 3rd in the Grassland Competition and 2nd in the overall Most Points Cup.                                                                                              

Having won the Beef Class last year, we were exempt from competing in that category - as we judged it! 

The Best Livestock Cup is a head to head across dairy, beef and sheep farms; and is something Juliet has had her eye on for many years.  She would not enter this class though until she felt the herd to be in a place it would represent the breed in a good light.  Winning this cup on their first attempt, both Chris and Juliet feel like Christmas has come early!     

Recent publication of the DCBS 2016 Herd Competition results has confirmed the Kew Herd's beef production is second to none! 

As winners of 'best males intended for slaughter' this accolade has delighted both Chris and Juliet.  The husband and wife partnership are committed to combining pedigree suckler breeding with commercial beef production. 

Chris believes this win to be the 'prime prize' as finished cattle are 'the sharp end of the business'.  Juliet says: "as a Lady in Beef I'm committed to a simple and transparent system of production.  Finishing stock from the sucklers gives our cattle a one-stop life, from birth to beef.  We add value by breed choice: Red Ruby Devons, and by system: forage.  With the right management this produces the quality beef that earns us a premium."

Renowned butcher Philip Warren is the main buyer of the Kew Herd's primestock.

Steers are generally fit at around 24 months, grading on average R4L at 310 - 320 kg d/w; finishing off grass alone.  

New leys provide youngstock and finishers the opportunity to reach optimum DLWGs while avoiding bought-in feed.  Older pasture is ideal for controlling condition on cows.  The Kew Herd introduced a second calving block in the autumn of 2015, to compliment the traditional spring calvers.  Heifers born in one block enter the other as 1st calvers, reducing age of production by 6 months.

"We're utilising the terrific traits of the Devon breed while maximising efficiency" says Juliet; "with political uncertainty ahead, our cattle are our indemnity." 

The Kew Herd participates in Biobest's HiHealth Herdcare Scheme, performance records with Breedplan, and is Farm Assured.        

Full DCBS 2016 Herd Competition results can be found at:-         


Annual bloods have confirmed the Kew Herd's status with Hihealth Herdcare:-

  • Accredited free of BVD since 11/2/15
  • Accredited free of IBR since 22/8/14
  • Monitered free of Lepto since 18/8/15
  • Risk Level 1 Johne's since 14/7/16

Annual TB test (July '16)  - all clear 

Bluetongue - completed vaccination course in August, ensuring 12 months protection from September '16 

100 4469Best Beef Herd on All Farms cup - the Kew Herd of Devon Cattle

Non 1st prize winners [Best Managed Farm] cup - Kew Devons

Hay (with our round bale haylage) - 3rd

16th November 2015