Kew Devon cattle are delighted to have been awarded the 2019 NFU Mutual Tidy Farmyard for Cornwall. 

It all came about as Juliet had completed an online Lantra course  'Health & Safety on farms' which lead to an initial review of how improvements could be made about the place.  Soon after, NFU Mutual announced their Tidy Farmyard competition was open for entries; and was being extended to include individual county awards throughout the Westcountry.  The combination resulted in an hour or so tweaking main yard practises, photographing the setup and submitting the evidence!      

 Now on a roll, we ordered and erected more stringent signage; and commenced work on a more detailed Health and Safety policy.  

To our amazement, we then received the 'winner phone call'.  The prize money that came with our presentation certificate has covered signage costs and the above mentioned e-learning course, so was a very pleasent surprise.  More importantly though, it has encouraged us to continue making a commitment to farm safety.  We had a good starting point of course - Devon cattle being the docile beasts that they are!  (This is no excuse though for not having the right handling facilities...)