Kew Demigoddess VG8916 head were put in-front of the DCBS Classifier on 14/7/15, with 75% attaining Very Good status. Of these, 15 were cows; making up over 55% of the herd.

  • Kew Demigoddess VG89
  • Kew Scorcher VG87
  • Kew Lallow VG87 (improved from G+78 on 26/7/12)
  • Kew Scamp VG85
  • Kew Dew VG85
  • Kew Skylight VG85
  • Kew Foxgrape VG84
  • Kew Demerara VG84
  • Kew Lowen VG82
  • Kew Lowarn VG81
  • Kew Dominion VG81
  • Kew Dumela G+78
  • Kew Lewen G+78
  • Kew Lanow G+75
  • Kew Cherry Brandy G68
  • Bywood Cracker 3rd VG89

Latest footage of the Kew Herd: it's what we're all about!

For 2015 Great British Beef Week, 2 Cornish Ladies in Beef have been amongst the Kew Herd explaining how we do things and the virtues of British farm assured beef